Box of Tricks

Free Gift

After opening our new office on Daniel Island we decided to celebrate by giving away one of our services for free.

Unclaimed Property Search

Did you know that there are billions of dollars of unclaimed property being held by the states? You can find unclaimed money being held by the states in your name at Just select your state, type in your name and ‘claim it.’

After Tax Season Breather

Our first after tax season breather. So top off that Cup of Joe and read this one! Warning…it is a little technical but savvy...

Grabe a Cup of Joe

Catch this aspect which is not so boring and can prove very valuable for your tax planning: More specifically, jointly owned businesses by a husband and wife are generally classified as a partnership for tax purposes

Short Sales

First, this stuff is complicated. This is only a tax summary. Please consult us with your exact facts and do not attempt to do this at home on your own.

Short Sales

A “short sale” is selling the home for less than the mortgage balance and trying to get the lender to forgive the unpaid balance. Of course, the banks generally control the ability for a debtor to “short sale” a property. In a short sale or a foreclosure, the indebtedness deemed forgiven would be taxable income without certain exceptions or exclusions.

Free Top Off!!!

As it is filing season, many questions arise that we only think of this one time of year.

Top Off to your Mug

One specific issue is when do our kids need to file and when may they want to file? We have summarized some general rules but their may be other considerations (education credits etc) that make your situation unique.

Health Saving Accounts

Although our minds are not focused on income taxes and year end planning, there may be some last minute tax savings...

Health Saving Accounts

Contributions to HSA’s within certain limits are adjustments to income much like IRA contributions. To translate -contributions reduced your Adjusted Gross Income -AGI. The nice thing about HSAs however is that withdrawals and distributions for qualified medical expenses are not taxable and if amounts are not withdrawn...


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